Video: Part 2 of ‘A Bitter Harvest’ on Youtube

Alex Pe of True Mask Games continues with part 2 of ‘A Bitter Harvest, an adventure using ZEIHANDER. From Youtube:

Welcome to “A Bitter Harvest”, the introductionary adventure from the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Core Rolebook! This adventure is designed to teach the rules to new players and give all of us a first glimpse into the grimdark fantasy that is the world of Zweihänder!

After getting involved with a wedding in the river port town of Swanzi, our party was hired by the rich merchant Franz Raffke, father of the bride. He has been promised a dowry of hemp by the groom, one Maximilian Steiger of Vorberg village, and the wagons with the hemp have failed to arrive. Thus our group travels with the newlyweds to Vorberg to check upon the wagons…and find them on the road only an hour from the village. Horses and drivers are dead, seemingly slain by mutants. With night approaching our group hurried on to Vorberg, only to find the gates of the village closed and well guarded. Seems like the citizens of Vorberg already know what happened…

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