Video: Part 3 of ‘A Bitter Harvest’ on Youtube

Alex Pe of True Mask Games continues with part 3 of ‘A Bitter Harvest, an adventure using ZEIHANDER. From Youtube:

Welcome to “A Bitter Harvest”, the introductionary adventure from the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Core Rolebook! This adventure is designed to teach the rules to new players and give all of us a first glimpse into the grimdark fantasy that is the world of Zweihänder!

The village of Vorberg is in danger! A group of mutants attacked a convoy nearby, crucifying several bodies. This attack seems an echo of the past, for the Orx have already attacked the village 12 years ago, taking all the women and girls. Now Waldmann, son to Maximilan Steiger, the leader of Vorberg, has suggested to scout the mutant encampment…and our characters have decided to go with him. What dangers will they face at the hill know as the Horned Monk?

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