Video: Part 4 (final session) of ‘A Bitter Harvest’ on Youtube

Alex Pe of True Mask Games concludes ‘A Bitter Harvest’, an adventure using ZEIHANDER. From Youtube:

Welcome to our FINAL session of “A Bitter Harvest”, the introductory adventure from the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Core Rolebook! This adventure is designed to teach the rules to new players and give all of us a first glimpse into the grimdark fantasy that is the world of Zweihänder! The truth is out! The group has discovered what truly happened during the mutant attack twelve years ago…and now the fate of the village of Vorberg is in their hands! Will they try to talk, or will naked steel decide the victor? One thing is for sure: in the end, there will be blood.

Watch the final session (part 4) now!

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