Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition news emerges from PAX Unplugged

Redditor Paidin_Brewer reported new insights about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition by Cubicle 7.

What follows are the details the redditor learned, and our feedback bolded in red:

In hopes of breaking loose some more information on the upcoming 4th edition of Warhammer Fantasy, I stopped by the Cubicle 7 booth at Pax Unplugged. The employee I spoke to was very excited about the upcoming 4e as a player, but wasn’t on that specific marketing team. He mostly stuck to the talking points others have reported here, but he was helpful in clarifying a few questions I had. I wasn’t recording the discussion, so you’re stuck with my memories unfortunately. Hopefully these tid-bits will help you all too:

Q: We’ve heard this game will be out by the end of the year, is it still on track for a release around Christmas?

A: He has seen the cover art and it’s great, but it is very unlikely to be out by the end of the calendar year. What they meant was that it will be out before the end of the Fiscal Year, or sometime in the early Summer of 2018

This is a change from what Cubicle 7 previously announced, which was to be launched ‘later this year’ back in May 2017.

Q: Will the career system still be the primary form of advancement?

A: He couldn’t confirm how the character would advance, but the system will draw heavily on 1e and 2e. Some of the refinements from 3e will be present if you know where to look for them, but by and large it’ll be dice based like the older versions.

A lot of questions regarding this one. Do they mean the ‘keyword’ Career pathing? Or, do they mean unique Talents by Career? If either of these are true, Zweihänder is already ahead of this curve with open-ended Profession pathing and ‘one unique thing’ every Profession gets.

Q: There is a ton of great Warhammer material published in 1e / 2e, will you be re-issuing campaigns with updated rulesets?

A: Very, very unlikely. Little to no money to be made selling products already widely available. Fans are encouraged to update the existing campaigns on their own. Some conversation guidance may be offered in the future.

We’re previously heard that Cubicle 7 wishes to revisit The Enemy Within. It appears that this may no longer be the case.

Q: We’ll be returning to the old world, right? None of this Age of Sigmar Silliness?

A: Both systems will be offered with different focuses, the Fantasy version will support a roleplaying focus and the Age of Signmar system will be different (but similar) so that it can support a combat focus.

We like this approach, well done Cubicle 7!

Q: Will they be supporting on-line game systems (e.g. Roll20) with campaigns or other ready-to-play materials for gamemasters?

A: If Warhammer fantasy was a niche market, then game masters of the same was an even smaller market. Pile on those who play on-line and you’re potential market was too small to provide ready-made products for as the development would be cost prohibitive for their mid-sized company. He acknowledged that he is an in-person, no-battle map purist however — so he was pretty perplexed why I was even asking this question until I explained that my players lived in 4 different states and could only play on-line.

Fans have reasonable expectations for modern RPGs to have online components that live ‘beyond the book’ in the digital space. Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG was released under Creative Commons Licensing, has a super functional Roll20 character sheet component (which is regularly updated), and plans for a searchable SRD, wiki-style version of the entire book (as originally announced here).


All in all, it’s good that Warhammer Fantasy Fans expectations are being set.  Although we’re eager to get our hands on Cubicle 7’s take on the Old World, it’s a bit disheartening that they won’t be able to make their promised 2017 delivery date. But then again, summer 2018 isn’t that far out! One thing is for sure: the book they produce will have fantastic production values. Let’s all just hope they took some inspiration & cues from Zweihänder (where we hand-delivered them a copy at Gen Con).

Hungry for a grim & perilous, spiritual successor to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in the meanwhile? You can grab Zweihänder Grim & Perilous in PDF format for $13, or print-on-demand at the newly-reduced rate of $55 at DriveThruRPG.

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