Trick or Treat: Meet the Inquisitor, foehammer to chaos!

Elite Profession

Since the dawn of time, the forces of chaos have sought to corrupt the seeds of life and twist the soul of mankind. Locked within this eternal struggle, the Inquisitor knows there is no place for half measures. Vows of unwavering faith and fealty drive them to face the abominations of this world, and perhaps more importantly act as the scourge to those tainted souls that would lead their kin down the path of destruction. It is their duty to be ever watchful, ever prepared, and ever ready to use any means necessary.

It matters little if the Inquisitor is seen as a pious warrior or a self-justifying madman. Ill tidings are doubtless afoot when one arrives. In pursuit of the greater good, no sacrifice will be too great. And those who choose to stare into the heart of darkness will often find it stares right back at them in the light. Some remain stalwart champions of the faith. Others find themselves embraced by the welcoming arms of chaos and destruction they once battled. An Inquisitor knows no deadlier foe than their fallen brethren.


You must already possess at least two Skill Ranks in Discipline from a previous Profession to become an Inquisitor.


By all that is divine, the Inquisitor metes out justice upon those who offend the gods. When dealing with those who are branded a heretic or a creature determined to be a product of uncleanliness, you may flip the results to succeed any Melee-based or Ranged-based Skill Tests against the aforementioned foes. Unfortunately, these witch hunters must swear an edict of unwavering judgement, which most people are not readily equipped to deal with such a charge. You immediately gain 3 Corruption Points upon selecting this Elite Profession.

Immediately change your Temperament (Curse) to Fanaticism.

Discipline (Willpower)
Folklore (Intelligence)
Interrogation (Willpower)
Intimidate (Strength)
Martial Melee (Melee)
Martial Ranged (Ranged)
Ride (Agility)
Scrutinize (Perception)
Simple Melee (Melee)
Simple Ranged (Melee)

Agility +1
Melee +1
Perception +1
Ranged +1
Strength +1
Willpower +1
Willpower +1


You are intimidating and tend to act in a prickly manner. Whenever you attempt to cause others to quail before your might, you gain a +20 Base Chance to Intimidation Tests.

Your implacable nature grants no man mercy, whether he begs for it or otherwise. Anytime you Critically Injure a foe, you may immediately make an Opportunity Attack at the same foe.

Your encounters with the supernatural and the terrifying have made you extremely paranoid. Whenever you suffer from Fear, add your Willpower Bonus (WB) to your Initiative Bonus and adjust the Initiative Order accordingly.

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Witch Hunter