zweihander rpg pdf grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone warhammerfantasyroleplay.com witcher black company game of thronesGrim & Perilous Studios are the creators of the 2018 gold ENnie award-winning Best Game and Product Of The Year Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG. In addition to the Zweihänder line, they have produced Dark Astral, a d100-based system and MAIN GAUCHE – a chaos supplement for the Zweihänder game rules. Additional player and GM-facing materials are also available as print-on-demand and digital format at OneBookNow and its sister sites.

In cooperation with DriveThruRPG, Grim & Perilous Studios also enjoys the privilege of being a part of the community content program called Grim & Perilous Library – a DM’s Guild-like portal found here.

Grim & Perilous Studios are also participants in the Brick & Mortar Guarantee, guaranteeing free digital products with any physical purchase in store or online.


Grim & Perilous Studios is a Missouri LLC. Inquiries can be directed to daniel@grimandperilous.com