Worldbuilding: Three Hundred Years’ War – Couronne

zweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retrocloneFrom Tanner Yea: Roughly one thousand years ago after the Old Imperium collapsed under its own weight, much of the western half of that empire was without leadership. Often seen only as a breadbasket fit for peasants to work on, a minor duke known as Hugo Cour decided to take up the flag and unite these fractured people. Declaring the land he claimed as Couronne and taking the title of Le Rei Soleil, Hugo spent the rest of his life trying to unite the nascent kingdoms of the land into a cohesive monarchal empire. After Cour’s death, succession carried down his bloodline. Though the lands around Le Rei Soleil’s palace of Semailles respected and followed his rule, many outlying territories didn’t recognize it. This led to conflicts with Albain trying to claim the Couronnian throne – which Couronne won – and attempted expansion into The Alpenne States – which Couronne lost via Hespia. Since then, Couronne has experienced a Renaissance – literally. They’ve expanded their borders significantly, art has exploded in quality, and the current Le Rei Soleil – Luis the Greater – has consildated power. For the past few hundred years, however, they have been been at a stalemate with their Imperium rivals and internal struggles, and there is little sign of stopping… Read More Within