Worldbuilding: Three Hundred Years War – Dwarven Holds and Vechiul Regat

zweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retrocloneFrom Tanner Yea: Not long after the Rifts first appeared in the Arktos Wastes, migrating up from the grasslands of Kibula were the Dwarves. A short, squat, and taciturn people, they migrated northward in search for a permanent home – as well as to escape the swarms of Goblins and Orx that seemed to explode after Corruption’s inception. Eventually, they stumbled upon what is now known as the Stara Mountains. They found it to be a good defensible position against their hated Mutant enemies, as well as a land of mineral resources, so they began their settlement. What started as small villages in caves eventually turned into mining cities and towns among the stoney heights of the Staras. However, they were still beset on all sides by their enemies, and it seemed every village they built soon fell. This was until they allied with the massive civilization of the Elves, who had journeyed east during their exploration of the World. The two found allies in each other – the Elves helped provide military aid and their powerful magics, while Dwarves provided their craftsmanship and natural resources. As time went on, however, the Elves became more demanding and gave little back to the Dwarves. Eventually the Dwarves united under a charismatic craftsman named Basarab, who revolted against the Elves and caused the century long War of Broken Hammers between them. When the dust settled, the Elves (fractured by their own civil war) retreated, leaving the Dwarves of the Stara Mountains independent, but depleted. With exhausted fanfare, Basarab declared himself the first Voivoide of Vechiul Regat – the Dwarven kingdom… Read More Within