Worldbuilding: Three Hundred Years’ War – Ruthen

zweihander warhammer fantasy roleplay retrocloneFrom Tanner Yea: Ruthen was originally formed of disparate peoples – ancestors of the Osmanli, the Gilded Imperium and the Noreg were all wanderers and allied with native Ruthenians into the hard-scrabble nation of Rut’. The nation rose to prominence, but roughly 2000 years ago was overthrown by Hobgoblin Khans from the Tsagadaina Steppes who ruled over the land for centuries. Eventually, a man known as Ivaan rose up and united the remnants of Rut’ and struck back against the Khans. Their subsequent victory caused the formation of the Tsardom of Ruthen, and Ivaan ‘the Great’ was crowned their first Tsar. RECENT EVENTS: Despite its size and power, few people from either Europa or Asiwai journey to Ruthen, so few know of their struggles. When Ivaan’s grandson, Ivaan II, ascended the throne, he was unstable and mentally disturbed. He sent Ruthen’s armies out to expand and conquer in near endless wars – mainly against Noreg and the Lekhitian-Tuvian Commonwealth – and he created a ‘realm of the Tsar’, which was an administrative district he owned that consolidated all the wealthy boyars of the country, leaving most of the country poor and starving. After his death, a line of pretenders tried to adjudicate to the throne and Ruthen was thrown into dissension, rebellion and civil war backed by foreign powers. This time became known as the “Time of Troubles,” and only ended roughly 30 years ago when Tsar Mikhail rose to power after being elected by a congress of Ruthen nobles. Though Ruthen has calmed down, Tsar Mikhail is still struggling to get the weary nation back on its feet… Read More Within