Worldbuilding: Play The Witcher Using ZWEIHÄNDER

ZWEIHÄNDER is being hacked into the world of the Witcher by one of our forum-goers over at Strike To Stun! Check it out:

Zweihander is clearly designed for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s Old World, but the rules seem simple enough to adapt to another grim and perilous world: The Continent of Anzrej Sapkowski and CD Projekt Red’s Witcher series. I have been getting some notes together to run a Zweihander campaign set in the Witcher setting I thought I would share them with you all with your kind indulgence.

First I have created a modified weapon list based more on Late Medieval weaponry than the Renaissance mileu of the standard Zweihander ruleset.

Second I have just jotted down some ideas and I am looking for suggestions and help from people with more experience using the system in actual play.

Follow the thread over here at Strike To Stun!