Worldbuilding: Tattered Banners – campaign wiki for Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG by ‘Your Humble Gamemaster’

From the ashes of war comes Tattered Banners: a grim & perilous campaign setting for Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG by Your Humble Gamemaster! From the site:

The War of Tattered Banners has ended, but the land is forever changed.

After a century of simmering and minor skirmishes in the aftermath of the fall of The Old Empire, all out war was inevitable, and when Westerland invaded Ardenshire and Talenburg, their allies of Ostmark and Bragen entered the fray. For nearly two decades war ravaged the land, and with it came famine, pestilence and death. In the shadow of war, horrific creatures of chaos prowled, and once honest men and women found themselves driven to evil in desperation.

The end of the war came fours year ago. After several mighty clashes, and the infamous Siege of Valden, Ardenshire was conquered. Borders had changed, old provinces where wiped out and new ones borne in blood. So great was the loss of life the warring nations came to an uneasy agreement. In the city of Talenberg the rulers of these lands debated for nearly a month before agreeing to end the war. Borders and disputes where settled, and the Treaty of Talenberg was signed. Some where happy with the treaty, others felt offended by the compromise. The war was over, but the games of power continued.

…comes hope in an age of blood and death…

Tattered Banners is a campaign for Zwiehander Grim and Perilous Roleplaying set a few years after a continent spanning war, that lasted for nearly two decades, has ended. The war has left it’s mark on the land and it’s people, and no one was left untouched by it. It would be easy to paint one side as the “good guys” and one side as the “bad guys”, but in truth both sides committed atrocities just as each side displayed acts of valour. The war left many homeless, poor, or suffering from sickness borne of plague. Madmen preach of the end times, and the increase in monster sightings lends credence to these insane words. The forces of chaos ravage the land in the wake of war, and people fight for survival trying to rebuild their broken lives.


Read more about Tattered Banners over at Your Humble Gamemaster’s website

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