Worldbuilding: “Two Brothers”, a fan-made convention scenario for ZWEIHÄNDER

At Gaelcon 2016, one of the Strike To Stun forum-goers Tadcan ran a fan-made convention scenario for ZWEIHÄNDER set in the Old World. It is called “Two Brothers”. From Tadcan:

Stories of fights takes pride of place in the Empire of man, from the epic showdowns of heroes to the local scrap over an insult. While the stories live on as fireside tales, forgotten are those who walk through the debris left behind and the sudden upheaval in the order of life. And so six strangers, the players characters (PC’s) find each other in the sacked and smouldering village of Birkewise, in the northern province of Ostland. For survival they find refuge in the nearby village of Limshof, which while mostly abandoned is remarkably intact.

These events only began a couple of years before when Chaos forces, swept down from the northern wastes through Kislev. They had picked up, along the way the local tainted denizens in Ostlands Forest of Shadows, on their way to the Empires heartland. The invaders were finally stopped at fortress city of Middenheim, and upon thei retreat back they scorched Ostlands earth in vengeance.

The PC’s are employed by old man Matthais, lord of the deserted, Forest of Shadow boarding village of Limshof, where all the inhabitants were of course good citizens of the Empire of Man. Secretly some, like Lord Matthias himself, quietly walked the shade between. He raised his sons without knowledge of the dangerous game he played, with the plan to build enough wealth that his sons live a legitimate life. His two sons however, embodied either side, the open sunny plain on one side and the closed, dark forest on the other, which caused many clashes in their opposition to each other. Which in turn pulled at the veil of Matthias’s secret dealings. Josiah, the good apple, Aeson, the black sheep, mere mentions of their names conjured up images of brooding violence or a helpful demeanour. Then news of the coming armies arrived south and so fitted out with a horse each, the finest weapons, they rode off to glory. Everyone hoped for a great victory and imagined Josiah would come back an anointed war hero.

As the scenario enters its second scene the PC’s will see how war has reforged them, so that on their return, they have swapped and reshaped the moulds of their being. Throwing Matthais into a madness as the last constant that held him in place is gone. Causing him to believe his sons are doppelgänger’s and plot their demise.

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