Video: ZWEIHÄNDER Game Session From True Mask Games On Youtube!

True Mask Games recorded a 5 hour session of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG as a part of their Seven Days, Seven Games series. We were so pleased to see others enjoying our little RPG, and digging into the simplicity of the system. Alex wrote a unique adventure for his demo called “Dance Of The Dead”. From the YouTube page:

Melgard, city of black stone, is a place of gold, blood and bone. It is a metropolis built on the ruins of a hundred older cities, where the rich prosper preying upon the poor and hundreds of souls pass into the realm of the Final Lord on every single day.
Through misfortune, fate or foolishness many poor men become involved with one of the myriad of crime gangs that rule the city’s underworld. The Red Hook, led by Grimwald the Butcher, is one such gang. Grimwald deals in more coin than many a petty lord…but even more heavily he deals in favours. Now the Butcher has decided to call in some debts, and a group of misfits is assembled for a dangerous task, a quest that will lead them into the Necropolis, ancient city of the dead.

Welcome to the THIRD game of SEVEN DAYS, SEVEN GAMES!

Zweihänder is a newly released fantasy RPG, grim, perilous and dark. It is D100 based and has a significant level of deadliness. Zweihänder is a love letter to the Warhammer Fantasy RPG of 1st and 2nd edition and captures the feeling of those games perfectly.
If you enjoy gritty realism and heavy elements of darkness this might just be the game for you! Just don’t get too attached to your characters!

Check it out: