Congratulations everyone! 1,265 backers pledged $61,743 to help bring this project to lifezweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone

Thank you all so much for your support and pledges! We said in the beginning we want to be THE go-to for all grim & gritty tabletop RPG gameplay. And we mean it. Here’s how we intend to do it:

  • In the following days, we are releasing Early Access PDF to everyone; backers and the general public
  • In concert with the release of the Early Access PDF, we’re releasing our digital release only adventure A Bitter Harvest and the GM screen exclusively to our backers
  • In the coming weeks, we are going to work alongside you to address issues you see before we go to print on our web forums at grimandperilous.com
  • In the coming weeks, we’re going to detail the Creative Commons License to the public
  • In November 2016, we’re going to deliver the granddaddy of all gritty RPGs: ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG in all its fully illustrated, 450+ page hardback B&W glory
  • We’re going to include A Bitter Harvest into the hardback to save you all from purchasing a separate physical copy
  • In the coming months, we’re going to show you our next expansion tentatively titled Liber Abyssia
    We’re going to donate a portion of our proceeds to produce hardbacks to the organization Games For Soldiers

While you all celebrate, we are going to go dark for the next few days to wrap up the Early Access PDF layout. Milena, our Mother of Dragons, is heads down until we get the PDF read for you all. We don’t intend to leave our holes until we’ve got the Early Access PDF in-hand, ready for distribution to you. In the meantime, please be patient with us as we roll everything out. We’ll provide details to all our backers, including instructions for each pledge Tier, digital download items, virtual game sessions and the Kickstarter-exclusive cover here on Kickstarter, our home page at GrimAndPerilous.com and on our Facebook page. We’ll also talk more about the sword… don’t forget about the gunmetal finish ZWEIHÄNDER sword!

As a reminder, we won’t be sending out surveys to backers until we intend to ship. However, each Tier can expect a special update via Kickstarter with links where to download your digital content before the end of August.

We’re very excited and thrilled to provide you with the world’s first open source grim & perilous tabletop RPG system, complete for you to remix, reduce and reuse to your heart’s content. Enjoy, and we’ll speak with you all in a few days!


Daniel Fox, Tanner Yea and team
Grim & Perilous Studios
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