Game Session: ZWEIHÄNDER Session #1: Night of Blood

Tamás Illés of the blog Vorpal Mace kicks off the classic ‘Night of Blood’ for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay using ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG:

We had our first ZWEIHÄNDER session on the 16th of September. I ran the classic module from White Dwarf and Apocrypha Now called Night of Blood for six players. Our protagonists were:

  • Agonia Gimdinasdotr, a dwarf adherent of Valaya with a troubled past.
  • Blitzkrieg, a dwarf slayer, and sworn enemy of skaven.
  • Odger Tobold, a halfing pugilist armed with a stool, a tabletop, and no testicles.
  • Johann von Immelscheld, a human squire who hates Chaos with a passion.
  • Päether von Sternwart, a human diabolist who wants to join the Colleges of Magic.
  • Sternchen, an ogre hedgewise who has a living stump in place of his right leg.

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