ZWEIHÄNDER Systems Resource Document (SRD) is now live!

After many weeks of hardcore content editing, we are happy to announce that the long-awaited ZWEIHÄNDER Systems Reference Document (SRD), released under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Licensing, is ready!

Why A SRD You Ask?

  1. Use it while on-the-go, on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet – it’s totally built using responsive design!
  2. Use it to create your own material, and release it over on our community content portal at the Grim & Perilous Library (see the licensing details here)!
  3. Use it to introduce your group to the game before making investment into a physical book!

ZWEIHÄNDER SRD can be found at srd.grimandperilous.com

Should you come across anything that appears unusual or doesn’t reflect the errata, please message us over in our Discord channel under the subchannel srd-errata

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