ZWEIHÄNDER Updates – June 25th

Hello all,

It’s been two months or so since our last update. During this period, we reached the Advanced Tier with the vast majority of our playtest characters within our home game here in Kansas City. Next week, we are beginning a new campaign with the near-final beta rules in the Basic Tier. With nearly 2 years of play testing beneath our belts, I feel the character creation process has reached my vision of how it should work. The remainder of the rules – combat, exploration and social intrigue are in final beta as well. We will be working on magic this month and the next, and expect to have a final beta version ready by the end of summer.

We’ve been blessed to have a large number of private play testers in our pool, with a lot of great feedback and constructive criticism. Beyond this, we have been talking about how to best raise awareness about ZWEIHÄNDER. One option is to release the game publicly in the same fashion as Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

My hope is that releasing the product art-free in the coming months will not only generate new interest, but also help fuel the pending IndieGoGo campaign we are going to launch in early autumn. Dejan Mandic, our official artist, has done a wonderful job with the 60+ illustrations he’s done thus far. But we need far more artwork from him, and I believe crowdfunding will get us where we need to be.

I believe by changing our approach, modeled after Raggi’s release of LOTFP, will lend credence to the legitimacy of ZWEIHÄNDER as a stand-along RPG (and a suitable substitute for WFRP).

Daniel Fox
Lead designer of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim and Perilous RPG