Hello, friends of GenCon 2018!

Thank you for your interest in Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG, the Gold ENnie-award winning Best Game and Product of the Year at GenCon 2018! The code for the free PDF expires Tuesday evening. Use it quick! Likely, you received one of these cards from one of our staff at the convention: Do you like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and want to hear more about gritty and dangerous rpgs –  filled with grim conspiracies, dark stories and…

Witchhunter’s Stat Hat – Now Available At GrimDerp.com!

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Art thou bored of thy Game’s Master not knowing ye level of Hit Points or Wounds? Doth not thy fellowship know whether ye character are hale or hurt at the game’s table? Doth thy hat not shade ye countenance from the sun’s corruptive rays? Doth not the peasantry rabble readily reckon thy station, or of the God-Emperor’s “gentle mercy” for heathens!? Simply assemble together thy Witchhunter’s #StatHat from yon PDF, using a sharp dirk and…