Video: Character Creation & Rules Explanation (Italian)

Folks all over the world are already using ZWEIHÄNDER in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. In preparation for their adventure ‘Rough Night At The Three Feathers’, Niilo and players prepare characters for their game: La creazione di un personaggio con Niilo ed Andrea. La Brigata GDR:

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ZWEIHÄNDER print-on-demand is finally available exclusively at DriveThruRPG! This Platinum Rated top selling book (#3 of all time) on DriveThruRPG comes with a full color cover by Jussi Alaurahio. We used the Hardcover Color Book (Standard Heavyweight) option to make Dejan Mandic’s grim and inspiring interior black & white images…

Worldbuilding: Play The Witcher Using ZWEIHÄNDER

ZWEIHÄNDER is being hacked into the world of the Witcher by one of our forum-goers over at Strike To Stun! Check it out: Zweihander is clearly designed for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s Old World, but the rules seem simple enough to adapt to another grim and perilous world: The Continent of…