Grim & Perilous Studios are scouting for Gamemasters for Gen Con in-person and online

Grim & Perilous Studios are teaming up with Andrews McMeel Publishing to run Powered by Zweihander games at GenCon 2022!
Flames of Freedom
Want to make some money by playing games? We are scouting for Gamemasters to run adventures with us at Gen Con, both in-person and online via Discord on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Benefits for running games with G&P include:
-$15 per hour to run games(minimum 3 hours per game)
-$20 per diem per day you run games at Gen Con Indy (In-person)
More details and sign-up information can be found here: https://forms.gle/iMrMSQwrZSJV7mQs8