Thanks For All the Fish!

Friends, Romans, Barber Surgeons, lend us your ears.  Here at Grim & Perilous Studios we have had an amazing run creating products that focused on overcoming hardship in dire situations. As we shifted our focus on creating new, different, games, it became apparent that we desired more than just Grim & Perilous. We love and appreciate all of the support you have provided us over the years, but it is time for us to start a new chapter in our journey through the game creation world. We are very excited to announce that as we retire Grim & Perilous, we are creating a new studio, with most of our original team, to focus on creating content that better reflects where we are in our game creating journey. We would be eternally grateful if you would continue to support us under a new banner as we launch our first Kickstarter in a few short days. We would like to formally re-introduce ourselves as, Cannon Otter Studio.

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