April 2023’s New Releases in Community Content

Two new supplements are now available at the Grim & Perilous Library:


(From the page’s description)

Get Hooked!

This is Meat Hooks, a ZWEIHÄNDER RPG-inspired supplement that presents you with 10 plot ideas for your Grim & Perilous adventures. Each plot idea contains keywords to help you get a feel of the general tone, followed by a brief description that leaves a lot of space for you to customize the idea to your campaign and to your table’s taste. There are also some suggested options that players can choose as actions and finally a brief description of the major characters involved in that plot.

Feel free to twist, pervert, and mutilate these plot ideas as you see fit. And although we only provide you with the adventures’ skeleton, you will surely find some meat on the bones.

Oh, and you can even use our Table of Contents as a Random d10 Table and let Lady Luck choose your players’ next challenge.

Have a taste!


100 Encounters for Moorlands and Heaths – Supplement for Zweihander RPG by AdrianKennelly

(From the page’s description)

Moorland and heath are closely related lands, primarily uncultivated hill lands and uplands but which can also include wetlands. Many moors and heath are formed through human activity and peat and low-growing shrubs are common. Often, they have been used for many centuries, and signs of precursors can be common. This supplement has 100 encounters for such regions which can be used to enliven a journey, from background colour to potential adventure hooks.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • Heaps of drying vegetation marks where bracken has been torn up by the roots.
  • Heather has been cut and arranged to form a hide. The hide looks like it used to blend in better (a (Trivial +30%) Survival Test), but the heather is now drying out.
  • Holes have been cut into the moors here, some of which have water in the bottom (the water is safe but unpleasant to drink). The holes are where peat has been cut from the ground, and next to one of the holes is a mound of freshly-cut peat.
  • In a small dell, sheltered from the wind, stands a farmhouse and outbuildings. The only crops that can be seen are in a kitchen garden by the farmhouse; the farm itself looks to be a sheep farm (wool and mutton can be purchased from the farm at 10% below normal prices).
  • In the distance, a large, black feline shape can be seen slinking off into the heather (a panther; use Man-eater).

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