May 2023’s New Release in Community Content

One new supplement is now available at the Grim & Perilous Library:

The Devouring Palace by Sebastian G.M.

(From the page’s description)

A place inhabited by the remnants of former lives: ghosts oblivious to their deaths, rooms storing abandoned luggage and unkempt machinery are what is left of a luxurious past. High in the Mausoleum, the Master bides its time until it can collect a thousand souls and claim its next incarnation, growing impatient day by day.

The Devouring Palace is a castle-crawl adventure inspired by the monster killers of old. Explore haunted halls and secret chambers as you unveil the dark past of the Karlan family.  Discover lost knowledge by the light of your dying torch and ask yourself: is it worth opening that next door? 

Inside this adventure you will find:

– A detailed map of the Palace.

– Fully illustrated pages with original art.

– Adventure hooks to kickstart the game.

– A room-by-room description of the Palace.

– A gallery of concoctions, both helpful and dangerous.

– A gallery of accesory adversaries for random encounters.

– A section with Game Master’s tips and tools to run the adventure.

– A letter from Sandre Karlan, last of his name, before turning to darkness.

*NOTE: The digital version of this game also contains an unlabeled image of the Palace map as a separate file for you to use on any virtual tabletop.

Do you dare enter the Palace? Click here to buy it on DriveThruRPG