Grim & Perilous Announces New Principal Adam J. Rose

Kansas City, MO (May 01, 2019) – Grim & Perilous is pleased to announce the selection of Adam J. Rose as its new principal and events manager.

Adam has served as rules developer for ZWEIHÄNDER role-playing game products for over five years, is a contributor to Terrible Wyrm productions and operates as a freelancer-for-hire in tabletop gaming development. In his previous role, he served as lead playtester for Grim & Perilous.

Adam was most recently the founder of Vision Compart, a tabletop game production company that co-lead the development of MAIN GAUCHE Grim & Perilous Supplement. He is also the lead designer of RADIATOR RPG, a Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER d100 game. At Vision Compart, he was the project manager for a 3-person development team, and is responsible for playtesting and publishing.

“We are incredibly excited to pass the torch onto Adam,” Daniel D. Fox, former principal of Grim & Perilous says. “Adam has been the lead for playtesting ZWEIHÄNDER since its inception. Not only is Adam a friend, but he has been a great business partner and acted as chief advocate for fans of the ZWEIHÄNDER game line. He’s kept our development on rails, has worked as a key organizer for playtester feedback and given critical advice that led ZWEIHÄNDER to winning the 2018 Gen Con Best Game and Product of the Year at the ENnie Awards. With my move to Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP), placing Adam in charge of Grim & Perilous was a no-brainer. I have no doubt that Adam will be able to lead the team towards a new and bright future, one that will be built upon the bedrock of creativity, cooperation and most of all – fun!”

“I am both honored and enthused to take on this new responsibility. Seeing Grim & Perilous grow from a weekly game around our table and engaging daily with a passionate community has been a joy to be a part of ,and I look forward to seeing what direction the future will take us. With Daniel’s move to Andrews McMeel Publishing, we will continue our work with the Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER line, both in continuing to develop games as well as furthering our services by taking on the ZWEIHÄNDER organized play program on behalf of AMP. I have a great amount of faith in the team at Grim & Perilous and will strive to harbor an empowering environment for all of our creative talents,” Adam said.

Adam’s official first day as principal at Grim & Perilous begins May 01. He will also act as events manager for the Grim & Perilous Organized Play Program, alongside co-manager Mike Bossaller and the rest of the team. Adam can be contacted at [email protected].


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