Grim & Perilous Fan Content Showcase Dec 2021


Grim & Perilous Showcase December 2021

Welcome to the G&P showcase, this month I am picking out some Winter specials for you. Normally, the showcase is for three titles, but this time I have four for you.

This month I have picked Forever Winter, one of the best selling titles in the Library; A Winter Festival, an adventure I wrote for last Christmas; The Doom Within Candlehome, where your characters become trapped by a snowstorm; and finally we have 100 Snow and Ice Encounters to add a deep mid-winter feel to any game. Peter

Cover of Forevery Winterh - Adventure for Zweihander RPG

To Live is to Suffer

Winter has come, will you survive?

Snow began to fall as the Betrayer placed a trinket on the raised stone altar in the middle of the haunted forest. The chirps of birds and howls of beasts sounded in disapproval. Each distant noise rising up through the forest in a fever pitch of panic. A cold wind whipped through the trees, chilling man and beast alike. The prophecy had come to pass, and so began the curse of Forever Winter. The Long Winter would haunt the land for decades and all life across the land fought for its very survival. But the ultimate fate of the world is in your hands, for good or ill.

Forever Winter is a modular adventure for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG. Inside you will find 80 pages of dark fantasy content, including:

  • New ancestry – The Doppelgänger
  • Five full adventures modules set in a winter apocalypse.
  • Five adventure scenarios to challenge players as they travel.
  • Original dark fantasy art.
  • Nine new creatures for your bestiary
  • And more!

$9.99 [PDF]

The Undead Cometh - Adventure for Zweihander RPG

A Winter Festival

A Basic Tier One-Shot Adventure

A bumper crop of Red Cap Mushrooms has brought chaos to a remote region. Something had to be done and a bounty on each orx ear has brought many swords for hire, including your characters, to the region. It is mid-winter when the Orx bring forth a peace offering under a white flag. What could possibly go wrong?

This is part of the Primevals adventure series.

  • Gluttony – Pay the Reaper
  • Sloth – White Wolves
  • Pride – Howl in the Night
  • Wrath – A Winter Festival
  • Lust – Ruins of Death
  • Vengeance – Caves of Spiders
  • Greed – Temple of Greed

This is a one page, both sides, trifold adventure.

$1.99 [PDF]

The Doom Within Candlehome - Adventure for Zweihander RPG

The Doom Within Candlehome

This title has Adult Content.

There has been a murder. Abraham Bhody, the beloved butler of the Lumenborne family has been killed and his face peeled off. Now the hunt is on to find the killer, before the Doom Within Candlehome strikes again…

This short adventure is for 4-6 Basic tier characters, for both new and old players and Game Masters alike. It is the second in the Doom series, a series of adventures inspired by the doomings that players can roll.

$4.99 [PDF]

100 Snow and Ice Encounters

100 Snow and Ice Encounters

This is a collection of 100 different events and encounters that characters could have whilst travelling through snow and icebound regions. Some of the encounters are most suited to polar regions and those lands nearest to them, others could be located in snowy mountains or perhaps simply during a heavy winter. Some of the encounters are odd and some are potentially hazardous. They can be used to enliven otherwise boring travel, or perhaps even be a source of adventure hooks.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • By the shore of some open water is an upside-down kayak made from sealskins over a whalebone frame. The kayak will take two, and there are two single paddles, also made from whalebone, resting on the kayak’s side. The owners of the kayak cannot be seen.
  • Carved from a huge block of ice is a statue of a man in armour. The statue is 20′ tall and appears to have only recently been made as it lacks any signs of melting.
  • Clouds appear on the horizon and rapidly approach the party. When they arrive, the wrap the characters in a howling blizzard. Visibility drops to almost nothing and only by touch can other characters and creatures be found. The blizzard will dump several feet of snow whilst it lasts and quickly making shelter is advisable (see Extreme Weather in the Hazards & Healing chapter of the ZWEIHÄNDER: Revised Core Rulebook).
  • Cracking noises come from an ice-covered river. The ice on top of the river starts breaking apart and the river starts flowing freely once more.
  • Cut into the side of a glacier is a tunnel 10′ in diameter, 3′ above the ground. The sides of the tunnel are perfectly smooth and it leads deep into the ice. As the tunnel would be distorted when the glacier moves (a (Routine +10%) Education Test to confirm), the fact that it is still perfectly straight suggests that it hasn’t been here that long.

$1.99 [PDF]