The Flames of Freedom Library is Now Live

Are you an aspiring writer, and want to distribute something new for FLAMES OF FREEDOM Grim & Perilous RPG? Are you a Gamemaster looking for new adventures, campaign ideas and other helpful supplements? Perhaps you’re a player looking for something new to spark character ideas after a previous ones’ glorious death? Is your gaming group looking for new approaches to adapt the FLAMES OF FREEDOM Grim & Perilous RPG game around the table? You’re in the right place!


In cooperation with Rogue Games and DriveThruRPG, we are pleased to announce the Flames of Freedom Library!

This community content program is where you can find and create self-published material for FLAMES OF FREEDOM Grim & Perilous RPG. With the Flames of Freedom Library, creators can offer their work through our community content program to other fans free of charge, offered as pay-what-you-want, or even sell it for profit!

For launch, we are featuring two new products:



* The Two Lodges – FLAMES OF FREEDOM Campaign written by Irene D Blooodrose and Sean Van Damme








* Pages of the Lesser Key of Solomon: Astaroth – FLAMES OF FREEDOM fan supplement by Neal Dalton







In addition, we have a number of art pack assets and templates available for creators, Featuring the original artwork found in the book by Dejan Mandic. You can check out the Flames of Freedom Library at DriveThruRPG now! Help us share the news by tagging #FlamesofFreedomRPG and #GrimAndPerilous on social media.