Grim & Perilous Fan Content Showcase: March 2022


Grim & Perilous Showcase February 2022

Welcome to the G&P showcase.

When I first got involved with Zweihander and the Grim & Perilous Library it was 2018, I think. My biggest single contribution at that time was to push towards collaborative projects. Eventually, this would lead to Lowborn, but in the early days it was much more ad hoc and a bit seat of the pants. What came out of those early projects were three books. The Book of Murder, The Book of Monsters and The Book of Chases. These are the three titles I would like to showcase this month. ~ Peter

Cover of Book of Chases

Grim & Perilous Chases

This book as created by the ‘Grim & Perilous Librarians’. As the first collaborative project this book contains ideas, adventures and chase scenes by four different authors.

The chases in this book range from simple ideas and suggestions to full adventures. What we are striving for is ‘Something for everyone’.

This is also the first of many collaborative supplements.

$3 [PDF]

Book of Murder

The Grim and Perilous Book of Murder

This is the second monthly collaboration of the Grim & Perilous Library Librarians. This month’s topic is that of Grim & Perilous Book of Murder and we have an assassin’s guild, a serial killer in the poor quarter, a range of new poisons and trappings for dealing death and a courtroom drama.

$2.99 [PDF]

Book of Monsters

Grim & Perilous Book of Monsters

This is the third Grim & Perilous Librarians Collaboration. This month the team has never been bigger with five contributors sharing their monstrous creations and helping to get the book published.

The main driving force behind this book is the sheer ease of creating monsters for ZWEIHÄNDER. In the MAIN GAUCHE Supplement there are really simple to follow rules that allow you to create your own beasts and abominations.

The bestiary in the core ZWEIHÄNDER rules is supposed to be comprehensive but I defy any Game Master to resist throwing something completely new at their players. ZWEIHÄNDER is a fairly young game and I doubt if there are many players who have memorised all the stats for all the monsters but it will happen. When it does having monsters that no one knows puts the surprise and wonder bank into a game.

Folklore plays a big part in ZWEIHÄNDER. If a character knows all about a creature then it falls upon their Folklore skill to say whether they know about it or not. When a GM introduces a new monster they get a chance to add an entirely new folklore into their world.

$2.99 [PDF]