Grim & Perilous Quarterly Update & Fan Content Showcase

Hello again, and happy Spring to everyone! We’ve been quite busy here at Grim & Perilous Studios, as we are ramping up production on our projects in preparation for some exciting announcements!  Nick has been busy with reviewing solo board games for those who are continuing to self-isolate.  Hopefully, soon we can all get together at a table again, and we can see what some of those games are like with multiple people. While we continue to prepare for the rest of the year, Mike is still sharing a ton of rules-crunching knowledge on our Patreon, and I’ve been doing the occasional streaming on our G&P Twitch channel. Kay and Jason have been working on the new Beast-focused Monster of the Month series, while Dejan has been furiously drawing images for both Flames of Freedom and the Monster of the Month series. Peter has been working with our Community Content creators (known as Librarians) and he brought us another showcase, including a few bundles and deals after coordinating with the Librarians.  If you are looking for more content to add or change your ZWEIHÄNDER game up, check these out, and be sure to leave the contributors a review.  Enjoy the Spring season, and may your adventures always be Grim & Perilous!  Adam


Grim & Perilous Showcase March 2021

Looking back over the past three months has seen an interesting mix of new products released by the Grim & Perilous Librarians. This showcase picks out just three of the most popular as a sample of what the library has to offer. This time round we tried to pick out writers that had not featured in the last showcase. Peter

Missing in Mullensburg is an adventure for Zweihänder Grim and Perilous RPG, that takes place in the small town of Mullensburg that has been beset by years of war and famine. During the adventure, the characters will lend a hand to the town with the problems they are having, discover a plot involving the ruinous powers kidnapping people for foul rituals, all while the spark of revolution is bubbling up under the surface.

Missing is the First Part of the Adventure Path The Concordance of Freedom and is also available as a bundle.


Lowborn is the quarterly Zweihänder fanzine. Issue four contains a great mix of articles from spells, to new taints of chaos and encounters and tons of things for GMs to work into their own games.

This issue offers articles on:

  • Magick Duels
  • Chimeric Weapons
  • New Ancestry: Awakened Undead
  • New Taints of Chaos
  • Sailing Professions
  • Perilous Tactics: Bog Behemoth
  • Perusing the Ivory Archive: Transmutation, Necromancy, Sorcery and more…

$4.99$3.74 PDF/$9.99 Premium Color Print


The bestselling title in the past month has been the Spanish translation of the Zweihänder core rules.

Prepárate para vivir aventuras sombrías y peligrosas. ¡El destino de vuestra historia pende de un hilo!

Este juego, todo en uno, incluye casi todo lo que necesitas para jugar: una guía de creación de personajes, reglas para el director de juego y un bestiario repleto de criaturas hermosas y horribles. Lo único que faltan son unos cuantos amigos, lápices y un puñado de dados.

¿Qué encontrarás en ZWEIHÄNDER?

Un juego de rol donde los participantes:

  • Vivirán en un mundo de fantasía siniestro y «realista».
  • Tendrán que tomar decisiones moralmente dudosas y desatarán represalias crueles.
  • Descubrirán planes maliciosos e intrigas políticas.
  • Lucharán desesperadamente en la clandestinidad y en combates a campo abierto.
  • Se defenderán de heridas, locura y mutaciones.
  • Tomarán parte en escenas de persecución frenéticas.
  • Encontrarán criaturas enloquecedoras y a sus secuaces.
  • Se aventurarán en tierras salvajes ¿Sobrevivirán a sus peligros?

Utilizando el motor de juego Powered By ZWEIHÄNDER d100, crearás personajes sombríos, escribirás aventuras peligrosas y construirás tus propias campañas de baja fantasía oscura. Estas reglas también encajan perfectamente para aventuras de estilo Renacentista y de la Edad Media. También puedes usar este libro para crear tus propios mundos, tanto si están inspirados en los trabajos de Andrzej Sapkowski, Solomon Kane de Robert E. Howard, la serie de los Caballeros Bastardos de Scott Lynch, u otras historias “sombrías”.