Grim & Perilous Showcase August 2022


Grim & Perilous Showcase August 2022

Welcome to the G&P Showcase.  Peter Rudin-Burgess has diligently compiled a monthly showcase of all of the fan content our contributors have created over the past few years.  Look below for his pitch on how you can, and why you should get started if you’ve ever wanted to create your own adventure, monster, or supplement for a game, in this case the Zweihander titles.  –Adam


If you have been reading these showcase emails you will know that I have been picking out Librarians to feature each month. I have been looking for publishers with more than just a handful of titles. That is the fun thing about the Library. If you are running a game, you can write up the adventure you just ran, put it on the library, and share it with others. You can put it out for free, but you can also put a real price on it. It is entirely possible to fund your entire RPG hobby by selling the adventures you run for your friends. You don’t need fancy covers, although the library provides you with a pretty good cover template. There is all the official art available as well.

What you will really be selling are your ideas and vision. You don’t need a big budget to convey a great idea.

Most emails from publishers are about trying to get you to buy stuff. This one is about trying to help you make a bit of extra cash.

If you like the idea, try making your first thing a really simple, basic project. Maybe a cool NPC, or a unique monster. The rules for monster building are in Main Gauche and work perfectly. It only needs to be a couple of pages, then save it as a PDF. If you start small you can learn the process as you go.

If you don’t want to do the whole publishing thing, write it and tag Tyler and he can help you get your stuff in Lowborn, the fanzine. You will get a profit share on each sale.

I started small, and I think in sheer number of titles put out, I am the most prolific Librarian of all. Most of my titles are solo efforts, I wrote them and published them myself, but a good third of them are collaborations. I started Lowborn and the Books of… series.

I am really nothing special. Anyone could do what I did. I think I now have close to 45 titles with my name on in the Library. Nearly half are one-page adventures aimed to be played in a session or two, and some are bigger adventures and supplements.

If you think you would like to have a go, make a commitment to it and do it. There are plenty of Librarians that will give you help if you need it.

~ Peter

The Peter Rudin-Burgess Collection (43 titles)