New Product: Beyond the Fire: Volume II for FLAMES OF FREEDOM/ZWEIHANDER RPG

Beyond the Fire: a Manual of Perilous Creatures from Across the Black Diaspora, Volume 2: Creatures of the Sky, is now available on DTRPG! This folklore-inspired manual is available for download and can be used in any Flames of Freedom or Zweihander game.

Beyond the Fire is your collection of pocket guides for including mythical creatures from the Black diaspora in your Flames of Freedom or ZWEIHANDER role-playing game.

Narrated by the host of the By the Fire podcast, Kene’h Oweh, each volume of Beyond the Fire contains the Threat Profiles of four supernatural dangers, vividly illuminated by ZWEIHÄNDER veterans Grim & Perilous Studios.

In this 19-page second volume, we take you under our wing and remind you to keep an eye on the sky for:
• Supernatural socialites that feast and fly
• A saurian predator that strikes fear into fishermen
• The ritual for summoning forth a goddess of the sky
• A voltaic witch’s familiar with a bent for vampirism

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