Grim & Perilous Showcase December 2022


Welcome to the G&P Showcase.

This is the last showcase of the year. I went through the library looking for seasonal titles and I only found two. One is the Krampus monster in Spanish and the other is one of my own one-shot pamphlet adventures. I try not to feature my own titles too often, but where the G&P Library is rich in Halloween titles, Christmas is a little sparse.

So here we go, in no particular order…

~ Peter

A Winter Festival
A Basic Tier One-Shot AdventureA bumper crop of Red Cap Mushrooms has brought chaos to a remote region. Something had to be done and a bounty on each orx ear has brought many swords for hire, including your characters, to the region.

It is mid-winter when the Orx bring forth a peace offering under a white flag. What could possibly go wrong?

This is part of the Primevals adventure series.

  • Gluttony – Pay the Reaper
  • Sloth – White Wolves
  • Pride – Howl in the Night
  • Wrath – A Winter Festival
  • Lust – Ruins of Death
  • Vengeance – Caves of Spiders
  • Greed – Temple of Greed

This is a one-page, both sides, trifold adventure.

Requires ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG from Grim & Perilous Studios.

Please check the full-size preview so you know what you are buying. This is a layered PDF, allowing you to easily print off just the map, just instructions or everything together.

Krampus Spanish (ES)
Krampus Spanish (ES) – Supplement for Zweihander RPG¿Has sido bueno o travieso? El Krampus es un monstruo tributo a las navidades, que ha sido creado empleando las reglas de creación de monstruos del suplemento MAIN GAUCHE. También se incluye la Campana de latón Krampus, ¡una nueva reliquia con la que amenazar a tus jugadores en vuestras partidas de ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG!

Special price for Adventure + House Style Guides (Grim & Perilous Library) – Templates for Zweihander RPG: $0.00 (click the link to apply the discount)