Grim & Perilous Showcase March 2023


Grim & Perilous Showcase March 2023

Welcome to the G&P Showcase.

I have been trying to organize regular discounted bundles. The September bundle was called Supplement September and was all about GM options and cool tools. The Spring one was Adventure April. This past year, we have seen many GM supplements released, but very few new adventures. I thought this month I would dig out some of the most popular bundles. One is the Lowborn Year One bundle, which showcased content from many librarians. The second is Azukail’s Zweihander Bundle which has hundreds of adventure seeds and ideas on its assorted tables. The last bundle is one of my own. I put together an adventure bundle and it includes a cross-section, from Plague, Famine & War, which is the library’s best selling adventure and the first library title to ever be put out as print. It also contains my one-page adventures which is pick-up and play. You can read them in a few minutes and each should take just a session, or possibly two to complete.

~ Peter

Lowborn Year One
25% off

Every issue of lowborn in this bundle is now a best seller, most are Silver, and issue one is electrum. The zines include adventures, rules options, and GM tools from a wide range of contributors. There is too much content to pick out everything but take a look at the bundle and what the individual titles contain.

Azukail’s Zweihander Bundle
25% off

Each of the 100 Encounter supplements contains a massive d100 table of flavor rich encounters keyed to a specific region or terrain. I have used Azukail lists to kickstart improvised game sessions the encounters are so rich with potential. I strongly recommend looking at some of the included titles and the examples of what a typical entry looks like. These are not simple wandering monster tables!

Zweihander RPG Adventures
57% off!

This is my bundle of adventures. 20 titles from big to small one pagers. The adventures are intended to be dropped into existing games, they mostly do not have detailed NPCs, or locations as there is no official setting for Zweihander. Plague, Famine & War is the biggest, Argonautica uses the journey of Jason and the Argonauts as its backdrop, and the one pagers are eclectic mixes of maps and encounters.