Grim & Perilous Studios Announces New Member: Chuck Kranz

Kansas City, MO (October 29th, 2021) – Grim & Perilous is pleased to announce the selection of Chuck Kranz to join G&P

Chuck Kranz approaches you in a dark alley. His small beady eyes scan his surroundings for unknown threats. He speaks, “Hey! My name is Chuck with The Defenders of Kobold, and I’m here to write some tasty content for Grim & Perilous Studios!” His eldritch words fill you with dread as he presses an adventure module into your hand. You gaze upon the cover, taking in what could only be described as the illustration of a large golden banana. Your mind reels from the demonic imagery. You stumble to your knees, your stomach empties onto the flagstone with a mighty retch. Your vision closes in and you slip into unconsciousness as you hear his final words, 

“Go ahead and roll initiative for me….”

Chuck will join as a developer for Beyond the Fire, as well as other future products by G&P.

Please join all of us in welcoming Chuck to the team!