Patrons of Grim & Perilous Studios just received a preview of Beyond the Fire

We are so excited for the upcoming release of “Beyond the Fire: Volume 1” on DriveThruRPG next week! Interested in seeing more right now?
Patrons of the Grim & Perilous Patreon just received a preview of one of the threats you’ll face called the Adze. Depending on the tier, you can check out the art, the story, the statistics, or a combination thereof!
“Beware leaving your windows open or your keyholes exposed when the Adze is bloodthirsty, lest you feel its talons on your neck.”

Not only are we releasing the Adze early, if you want to see the Hyena-like Bultungin before its release, consider supporting Kene’h on her Ko-fi, as she will be releasing previews to her supporters too.

Find out more by signing up as a Patron or Ko-fi supporter to gain access.

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