New Actual Play of Forbidden Lands: The Bloodmarch starting July 8th 2023

Hello nerds!
It’s Chuck here and I’ve hijacked the channel to bring you a special announcement! We’re starting a brand new actual play of the Forbidden Lands campaign, The Bloodmarch!

The plains of the Bloodmarch once blossomed so abundantly that hot days would see rivers of nectar flow through the vales. The mountains yielded ore so pure that shards of unforged iron could be used for axes. Of course, this was before the Demon Flood. Ever since the sorcerer Zygofer had his demonic hordes lay waste to the country, the land has been dead and deserted, apart from the twisted nightmares that now roam its plains and forests. Yet there should be much treasure to find for those brave enough to face their fears.

The show starts at 1 pm central starting on 7/8/2023 and will air every other Saturday.
You can watch our live stream on https://www.twitch.tv/grimandperilousplays and catch the video after over on our YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/@GrimPerilousPlays

Our cast:

  • Chuck: Running the show
  • Adam: Character TBD
  • Steven: Jeffan, Dwarven Sorcerer
  • Dan: Character name TBD, Halfling Rogue
  • Jeff: Steffan, Dwarven Fighter
  • Maitreyi: Volos, Halfling Fighter
  • Melissa: Zlatica, Elven Minstrel

Start your journey through The Bloodmarch here!