New Product: Cambion Ancestry for ZWEIHANDER RPG

Enhance your ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG game with a new Ancestry: the Cambion!

We would like to announce the new Cambion Ancestry, available on DTRPG! This Chaos-born Ancestry is available for download and can be used in any Zweihander game for those who wish to play a demon-infused character.

The Princes of Chaos were jealous of the gods of Order. Who does not want to be loved, to be worshiped or adored, even if there are no intentions to reciprocate? Out of these desires, the Cambion would be bred from the joining of demons and other Ancestries. The earliest attempts resulted in unstable beings. The shell of mortal flesh was unable to contain the unfettered chaos, bordering the realms of unrecognizable horrors and creatures of nightmare. These trials would eventually give way unto beings that closely resemble that of humans, but with a flare of demonic heritage shining through the mundane visage.

Are you a member of our Patreon? If so, those of the Inquisitor pledge level or higher received a complimentary copy, so be sure to check your email!

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