Grim & Perilous Fan Content Showcase: October 2021


Grim & Perilous Showcase October 2021

Welcome to the G&P showcase, this month I am picking out some halloween specials for you. Every title in this showcase features in the DriveThruRPG Halloween Sale, so you get at least 25% off! It is not often I feature any of my own titles in these emails, but I wrote The Witch specifically for Halloween in 2019, so I think it deserves an outing!

This month I have picked The Doom Beneath St. Mordred’s Church, The Undead Cometh, and my own The Witch. Peter

Cover of The Doom Beneath St. Mordred's Church - Adventure for Zweihander RPG

The Doom Beneath St. Mordred’s Church

The Order of the Bat was once a proud and powerful order of knights dedicated to slaying vampires. One night, their leader, Lady Guinevere was slain by a vampire who infiltrated their base at St. Mordred’s Church. One by one, the knights left on a Quest, and all vanished, save for Sir Gawain, Guinevere’s brother.

Only he remained, haunted by the death of his sister and commander. Or so the hamlet of Galahad thought. For unbeknownst to them, Lady Guinevere did not die. Instead, she is The Doom Beneath St. Mordred’s Church…

This adventure is a one-shot adventure for 4-6 experienced players of the Advanced tier, with an experienced Game Master. It is the first in the DOOM series, a series of standalone adventures inspired by the various doomings that players may roll..

$3.99 [PDF] Normally $4.99

The Undead Cometh - Adventure for Zweihander RPG

The Undead Cometh

Seasonal Supplement Winter 2019: The Undead Cometh

The Undead Cometh is a drag-and-drop adventure that can be replayed multiple times with a different feel each time. This different feel is accomplished by randomly generating the environment in which the players must survive in and by the “Meta Mechanic” which adjusts the difficulty based on various factors such as the size and condition of the environ as well as the number of players in the campaign.

Included are sheets for tracking resources and hourly events, as such this PDF is printable.

$3.49 [PDF] Normally $4.99

The Witch - Adventure for Zweihander RPG

The Witch – Adventure for Zweihander RPG

The Witch is a Halloween special adventure. It is intended to be a simple drop in situation. The characters are in need of healing or a curative and local rumor says that the local witch may have panacea.

What they actually get is anything but help and assistance. The secret to running this adventure is to try and emphasise the horror elements, the fear of the demented old woman, the reality of being trapped in a burning building and then the horror of the final monstrous encounter.

To play this as a hack and slack adventure is to miss out of the best of the adventure

Daniel D. Fox – G&P: Just read The Witch – looks great! Very fun drop-in scenario

$1.39 [PDF] Normally $1.99